Silver Saints – Not your Average Handyman Service.

Many people who use Silver Saints Handyman Service for the first time are pleasantly surprised when a well-spoken, polite and neatly turned out person turns up to tackle their ‘to do’ list. Most of our handymen come from professional backgrounds and have life-times experience of DIY and property renovation. This means that when you book […]


For the Love of Stone Fireplaces

If you are torn between a gas or wood fireplace, here are some areas you might want to consider before making your purchase. Both have strong advantages, and when it comes to the costs, both are available in diverse budget parameters so you are likely to find a match on each side of the equation. […]

Home Extension

Tips on Designing a Home Extension

A house is a home when you have a loving family. A major problem affecting happiness is usually encountered when the family grows bigger as a result of temporary or permanent guests. On top of this, you can also conceive more children. This increase, although a blessing, demands a strategy so that you can be […]


How To Take Care Of A Washing Machine

There are so many variants of washing machine, in its humble beginnings to more modern built in washer dryers  and eventual steam cleans and other scary tech. For the moment though, there’s a problem people face with how best to maintain their washer. Here, I’ve compiled a list of five of the things to think […]


Choosing the Right Stairlift

Now I know this may be a long time coming for many readers, but there is a need to think about this. We all age (I’m sorry, it’s true; If I find the fountain of youth, ill share it with you all!!), but with age comes the inevitability of our body losing some of its […]


Construction Essentials – Thermal Insulation

When asked what the purpose of insulation is, the chances are that the majority of us would answer ‘heat loss reduction’ or ‘used to keep heat in’ or something similar and rightly so. However, the word insulation is a broad term covering all different types of  insulation used for very different purposes including fireproofing, soundproofing, impact cushioning and electrical insulation. […]


Why There Are More Reasons To Use The Hoover Linx Vacuum

The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum has changed the way cleaning procedures are completed. Incorporating patented technology, there are numerous properties included for enhanced cleaning and improved hygiene levels. This apparatus has been developed according to an upright design for ease of use and the complete removal of dirt. Being Cordless And Having A Lithium […]