Home Extension

How To Get A Bigger Home Without Even Moving

In the current economic climate, climbing the property ladder has become a considerable challenge for many. As a consequence, an increasing number of property owners are choosing to extend their existing properties in order to generate additional space, as opposed to trading up and moving to a new home. The desire for a bigger property […]


Safeguard Your Abode by Installing Quality Wooden Gates

If you have decided to build a stylish entryway that can make the exterior portion of your home look modern and trendy, you can always think of installing wooden gates. Believe it or not, if you choose the right type of gate that can absolutely compliment your property, it is bound to stand out of […]

Damp Proofing

Why And How To Damp Proof

For many people it is the case that you may have never thought about dampness from the ground rising through building foundations into the walls, since this is taken as homogenous in all homes and so builders automatically install damp resistant materials. However, this ignorance is apparent when individuals design and build their own garden […]


Considering Steel for Home Construction is a Brilliant Idea

If you are planning to construct a building, will you not make it happen in lesser time and also ensure that you don’t end up burning holes in your pocket? As we all know, it takes a lot of time and money to construct a building out of bricks and mortars. In this respect, steel […]


Five Mistakes You Can Easily Make When Attempting To Unblock A Drain

A blocked drain can be incredibly frustrating anywhere in the home. The sight of overflowing water and the problems that ensue – especially when you are left mopping up the water in this cold weather! – can really give you headaches around the home, and generally in this situation we find ourselves confronted with something […]

Loft Conversion

Keeping Your Loft Room Dry

Millions of homes across the UK have had a loft conversion, providing them with handy extra space. It can come as a real revelation to see the transformative effect a loft conversion can have on a home, and you don’t realise until the work’s been completed just how much potential the attic space of a […]


Cleaning And Maintaining Your Stainless Steel Sink And Other Metal Surfaces

Stainless steel kitchen sinks and other metal surfaces can look great in your kitchen, and can really provide that extra sparkly feature you may be looking for to make your kitchen complete. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, your kitchen surfaces take a great battering and quickly collect grease, finger marks, food […]


Modern Desks for Modern Offices

Today’s offices have ventured outside of large corporate buildings. Many people work from home and whether it’s through a large corporation or a small business; home offices are steadily working their way into the business world. While the size of the home office space varies, proper work area and equipment is still a must and […]


Men & DIY – Learn to Cover Your Tracks, Literally

If you’re reading this, hopefully the title grabbed your attention because your feet are dirtier than your conscience, and not the other way around. We’re here to discuss cleaning up after yourself in your garage, man-cave, on the deck and patio, and other manly hangouts around your house. Mostly, we’re talking about the way we […]


Factors To Consider When Installing Gates

If you are like many homeowners, you will understand the importance of security. As such one of the most basis and simple ways of increasing such security is to install new gates to the vulnerable access points around the home and garden. With such a vast array of styles and designs on offer, it is […]