How Secure is Garage Door Automation?

Automatic garage doors are extremely convenient, they allow you to open and close your garage without leaving your car, which can prove useful in a certain, particular rainy, country… The doors are operated by a portable remote and the operators should have inbuilt sensors which stop and reverse the door if an obstruction is detected. […]


How to Install an Electric Fireplace Insert

Have you got a fireplace in your living room, but you dislike the time and hassle of burning wood? All that soot, ash and smoke – not only is it messy, but it also poses a potential health risk. Wood smoke carries particles and gases that can pose a serious health threat, especially to anyone […]


Christmas Is Coming: Is Your Home Ready?

Before we know it, it’ll be time to deck the halls with boughs of holly and hang your stockings up on the fireplace. For many, Christmas day is a time to rest and relax with family and close friends, but the run up can be stressful if you haven’t figured out how long it’ll take to […]


Design A Modern Outdoor Kitchen Space

Having an outdoor kitchen space is a wonderful luxury. A well-planned space can give you a relaxing place to spend time outdoors year-round. For a lover of modern design, outdoor kitchens are especially wonderful. This style makes it easy to incorporate kitchen features than make the most of your patio space. Plan an Open Layout         […]


Make Your House A Home

Making a home seem well ‘homely’ is easier said than done. We all have our own ideas about exactly what makes us feel like we are at home, whether it is a collection of scatter cushions or that one chipped mug you can not live without. One way to make a home your own is […]


Adding More Cupboard and Storage Space to New Homes [Guest Post]

One of the many things that only become apparent once you have moved into your new home and started unpacking is a lack of cupboards and other storage space. You may have made a mental note to look into adding some shelving there or some hooks here, but somewhere during the exciting and daunting moving […]


How to Update Your Kitchen with Furniture Fittings [Guest Post]

With so many great trends in kitchen design, you will be able to update an old kitchen simply even by changing a few simple fittings. The kitchen is quite possibly one of the most important rooms in your home. This is where delicious meals are prepared, coffee breaks are enjoyed, breakfasts are shared and new […]


Convert Your Garage into Usable Living Space

Garages are often an overlooked wealth of potential living space. Using a garage for living space can mean giving up the entire garage, or just a portion of it. It is important to evaluate your needs and decide the best way to use this space. Two-Car Garages A two-car garage can become additional living space, […]

DIY Interior

Dealing With Rough Wall Surfaces

First off I would like to say that I am not recommending here a solution to major problems with walls suffering from cracks and damp – these really should be addressed as issues in their own rights and simply pasting over them will never address the problems. However, if you have a room with older […]


Swap Out Your Old Drab Curtains for Venetian Blinds [Guest Post]

The classic look of the Venetian blind continues to be a popular style selection for window dressing. For a more contemporary look many people are choosing to install metal Venetian blinds instead of the traditional wooden version. Metal blinds co-ordinate well with the current trend in retro furniture which typically incorporates some metallic detailing. Manufactured […]